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Poll: What is your age & Type prefence

Discussion in 'The Langtrees NEWS Darwin: Perth: Canberra:' started by Mary-Anne K, Dec 19, 2008.


Which is your first & second chioce?

  1. Asian ladies

    135 vote(s)
  2. Australian Ladies to 35

    220 vote(s)
  3. Mature ladies 35 Plus

    95 vote(s)
  4. BBW Ladies Larger fuller figures

    42 vote(s)
  5. Massage Ladies that do not offer full service

    63 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Phoebe

    Phoebe Legend Member

    Ok lets clear this up..

    If I am paying a WL then : Size 6-8 Tall thin blonde/red head AKA couture catwalk model type as those dont drop out of trees and if I am paying for it then fantasy is what its all about wouldn't we all agree?

    If I am wanting a GF : then Intelligence, a good sense of humor, trustworthy and looks in that order is what I look for plus she has to love me for whom I am and that is likewise with her not be with the other for material possessions...

    I hope that sounds a fair call..
  2. 2BorNot2b

    2BorNot2b Silver Member

    Maturity wins for me, massage only ladies who understand - one lady to another, connections must be made physically and mentally - I dont want to have to explain what I want, I want someone who just gets it except for a few details!
  3. Joe Ozzie

    Joe Ozzie Gold Member

    AMPs seem way to rushed and don't connect with me.

    Mature works really well as we can take our time and communicate.
    Communication / enagement is really important. Esp. when a bit kinky/BDSM.
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  4. Bigross4321

    Bigross4321 Silver Member

    i like younger ladies..18 to mid 20s.. they make me feel younger lol
  5. Bigross4321

    Bigross4321 Silver Member

    younger the better for me..willing to dominate.. heave handed.. to disiplin me..
  6. jonl0711

    jonl0711 Bronze Member

    I tend to like the women from 35-45, more to maturity, easy to talk to, they have good experience and know how to please a client. Too young are not my thing.
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  7. Escort Pakistan

    Escort Pakistan New Member

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  8. Lovelickpussy

    Lovelickpussy Bronze Member

    The only preference I have is the girls need to be curvy. Need something to grab onto especially when lick pussy.
  9. Conrad

    Conrad Silver Member

    A lady much like Stella is my preference
  10. snipenite17

    snipenite17 Bronze Member

    Younger slim ones would be perfect..
  11. Rossam

    Rossam Silver Member

    Went for 40 plus when I was 18.. now 52 still looking for the 45 plus range. Most are genuine, enjoy what they do and no bullshit attitude.
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