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What is a Sexy title for 26-35 yr olds ?

Discussion in 'Langtrees History Forum' started by Mary-Anne K, May 28, 2012.

  1. Mary-Anne K

    Mary-Anne K Administrator Battle Axe

    Cougars and MILFS for the matures YOUNG says it all for up to 25 what is title for the age group in the middle.
    Lets invent one.
  2. Farm Boy

    Farm Boy Guest

    MAK'S elite cattle, and I do hope she never finds were I live.

    "prima donna" is Italian for "first lady." The term was used to designate the leading female singer in the opera

    Arrr bullshit Maryanne there just GIRL's Girls I Really Like G.i.r.l.s.
  3. Happy2

    Happy2 Legend Member

    I know it is not quite the word your looking for But to me All ages are tops But the 26-35yr age group I have always
    thought of as Vixens
  4. Tannerone

    Tannerone Silver Member

    I think something like "Tweens" would be appropriate as they are between Young and Mature.
  5. Happy2

    Happy2 Legend Member

    Tannerone I think you may be asking for trouble If you go out looking for tweenies
  6. aussie_single34

    aussie_single34 Resident kinky pervert Gold Member

    In relation to those bearing children

    I always thought it went like this
    18-30 with kids under 12 ... yummy mummies
    30-40 with teen kids ... MILF's
    40+ cougars

    As for women with no kids... not sure
    I guess I should figure it out though as 26-35 is my preferred age bracket
  7. Tania

    Tania Administrator And Safe Sex Advocate Staff Member Moderator

    I don't age judge women. Some are not my type, the ones that are, 20s, 30, 40s or 50s, well I class them all as edible undies,, plain and simple.
    Last edited: May 29, 2012
  8. Mary-Anne K

    Mary-Anne K Administrator Battle Axe

    Tweens appeals but I think the ladies would respond to Vixens Better. Has any one checked the new links on Langtrees.com and the new front page layouts.
  9. Madam Jacqui

    Madam Jacqui Cheeky & Dangerous Moderator

    What about Kittens.......xxxxxxx
  10. Gentleman

    Gentleman Guest

    Kittens is good idea Jacqui.
  11. Happy2

    Happy2 Legend Member

    Tweenies is just not the right word to use only because When my niece was visiting the farm with friends They were described as the audience That the nice version of Miley Cyrus was aimed at Tweenies that group between about 10&14 Between teenage and primary school kids
    I even looked up Tweenies in the Urban dictionary Wannabee teenagers Girls who tart them sekves up to look like whores from about 8to 11
    You may get the wrong customers sniffing around if you advertised tweenies Let alone the boys in blue
  12. naughty thoughts

    naughty thoughts Former Administrator Moderator

    Yeah, I'd agree. You don't want "tweenies" for this.

    Can't think of something better than "Vixens", that sounds about right.
  13. TheCock

    TheCock Legend Member

    Yeah I like vixens.....
  14. fifoboy

    fifoboy Gold Member


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