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Vital Elements to a great kiss?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat,Gossip & Humor Forum' started by Riah, Oct 31, 2018.

  1. Riah

    Riah Silver Member


    Was just wondering what everyone thinks are the vital elements to a great kiss?

    … in my opinion: a good kiss gets u completely lost, you're unsure what end is up, your knees go weak, your whole body goes limp …..

    What makes a Kiss great?

    Any good Kissing stories ?
  2. Rochelle

    Rochelle Staff Member Moderator

    Ever kissed somebody with bad breath?
    Fresh breath!!!!!!! one of the very basic but the most essential thing to give a kiss the potential to be great.

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  3. Mopar63

    Mopar63 Silver Member

    Kiss her like you mean it, do it with feeling, like she’s the only woman on the planet.
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  4. Yoda

    Yoda Chief Y Legend Member

    When kissing someone the secret is to have the intention of giving and not focus on what I am getting. Believe me when I am kissed like that my soul lights up. Oh and it gives me a woody ;)
  5. Jo Langtrees

    Jo Langtrees Silver Member

    Are you sure that isn't the Yoda whiskey? Seeing as no secrets are given away........But on a serious note. That's totally true about focusing on giving ;)
  6. Yoda

    Yoda Chief Y Legend Member

    Oh I have no secrets... just some things needs to be shown and not told ;). That would a waste.
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