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the re-opening of Perth and Kalgoorlie Langtrees

Discussion in 'Langtrees History Forum' started by johnlou, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. johnlou

    johnlou Staff Member Forum Manager

    MarryAnne K and or anyone plz enlighten us on how the re-openings went early this morning :)

    or is it still going

  2. Farm Boy

    Farm Boy Guest

    I also would love to know, eg, how many girls were on Did the punters turn up, and did Marry Anne K. stay cool.
  3. *holly*

    *holly* Silver Member

    the opening night!!!!

    WOW I have to say that the opening night was just FANTASTIC there were lots of lovely ladies working including ME (XXXX). Maryanne walked thru the doors at 12am and we were rushing around like little beavers to get things setup and i would like to say a big thank to all the ladies and gentlemen that helped. With in an hr we were ready to start work and did we work,reminded me of the old times when Maryanne ran langtrees 3yrs ago. she has promise to shake up the industry and the team that she is putting in place will just do that,so if your looking for some felmale entertainment I suggust check out langtrees.com and see all the new ladies and i'm told more will be added. Running later should be at work but want to say a few words so I'll add more later and let you all know whats going on

  4. Mary Anne PA

    Mary Anne PA Guest

    Re: the opening night!!!!

    Great to see you back Holly
  5. Rochelle

    Rochelle Staff Member Moderator

    Re: the opening night!!!!

    Holly, I can only agree!!!!!! The opening night was a breeze and good fun right from the start. Lovely ladies and gentlemen and a good and positive atmoshpere despite the 'unusual' circumstances.
    It will be a great team and a great environment to work. I am looking forward to be part of both.
    Only one more thing.......Lily is back in the foyer.
  6. Rochelle

    Rochelle Staff Member Moderator

    re-opening in Perth was great....especially considering the circumstances. Lily was back on the wall by midnight and we all (the first guests included) did a good job in setting up the lounge and the first rooms. It was a good, vibrant atmosphere. Around 15 girls were on and as far as I can tell every one of us was busy. Mary-Anne was in charge of the very organised chaos.........with endless energy (very impressive).......and definitely in control of the event. Great team-great place!!!!!!!!!
  7. Sir Stefan

    Sir Stefan Agent Provocateur Legend Member

    Agreed, re-opening went well... I had the pleasure of assisting Mary-Anne to 're-hang' Lily Langtree in the entrance foyer... 'back home where she belongs'.

    A Colleague had brought along a bottle of Verve-Cliquot, so we celebrated 'Lil's return' with a toast and then it was back to 'Business as Usual'... from there on the night went off with a 'Bang' as the Langtrees 'team' did what they do best... 'Pleasuring the Gentlemen'.
  8. Louise

    Louise Guest

    Hi Everyone, I'm Louise of Langtrees Perth and looking forward to meeting you soon in our newly refurbished environment! Love, Louise. xox
  9. Amy Preston

    Amy Preston Guest

    Langtrees is fantastic. I am working thre.
  10. Yes, ladies and gentlemen Langtrees is a well appointed, classy place and our girls are gorgeous...
    Come and visit and see how true it is!
  11. Langtrees is doing very well we just had a great weekend and also getting in new girls so its great and gives the people choosing to use our service alot more options :)

  12. brittney

    brittney Guest

    Welcome to Langtrees Amy look forward to working with you :)
  13. I have to agree with everyone, the Perth Langtrees is gorgeous. You can tell a lot of thought and preparation has gone into each room and the lounge atmosphere is so relaxing and inviting.

    I've only been here for a short while but the girls have gone out of their way to make me feel welcome and the customers have been so much fun.

    Loving it!

    And if you haven't stopped by yet to check it out... what are you waiting for?

    Looking forward to seeing you all at Perth Langtrees,

    Charlotte Michaels xo
  14. Mya_01

    Mya_01 Guest

    Hi everyone,

    Mya here : )... Firstly, can I just say that I am so excited to be apart of the new team here at Langtrees - 71 Burswood Road, Burswood. We have such a great new team of hotties all waiting for you sexy boys to come and visit. Why don't you come on down and let one of our sexy ladies pleasure you over and over. Love Mya xx
  15. spunkymonkey

    spunkymonkey Guest

    Re: Message from a Newbie

    Hi Everyone... Firstly, Id like to say thank you to all of wonderful staff at Langtrees for making me so welcome to a very classy establishment... Its an amazing place to work at... As Im new to the Industry(no not as a working lady,even though the thought has crossed my mind,mmmmm once or twice) it certainly has opened my mind so much more & even changed my views about the industry.. I used to believe that working ladies musn't have any self respect,morals are lacking self confidence etc etc etc...And unfortunately a majority of us are actually brought up believing this.. How sad this is, for it is so untrue.. We are so quick to pass judgement on others(as we all have our own story to tell) if only we just stopped for a min or two to ask questions to then be able to understand WHY, before judging someone for who they are!!!... Not everyone has the same tools handed to them in life..I would like to take this opportunatey to say that I think Mary-Anne is an amazing woman(even though my first thoughts were "What a f@#king hard ass".. But this also has changed) who has brilliant business skills and a heart of gold...Im really looking forward to chatting with you about any subject anytime... Love & Friendship Cat xo
  16. moe17

    moe17 Guest

    hmmmmmmmmmm interesting might have to pop in
  17. Kessie

    Kessie Guest

    Have seem the new improvements and updates down there and the place looks amazing.
  18. knock_knock

    knock_knock Guest

    cool,glad to see its open
  19. mmkjesbd

    mmkjesbd Guest

    Hi,it nice it.:).It good thing.Flowing my site please.:).Iam so nice this point. :)
  20. Gentleman

    Gentleman Guest

    The new look in the lounge is really good.
  21. M Sue

    M Sue Legend Member

    We have lots of beautiful ladies working .. come in and meet them...xoxo:angel1:
  22. Miranda Fox

    Miranda Fox Guest

    Sounds good
    Must visit when I am over in WA next :)
  23. Juicy Lucy

    Juicy Lucy Gold Member

    Thanks for all the comments etc but where are you all??? COME IN!!!!
  24. Jasmine69

    Jasmine69 Gold Member

    Place is looking great, the team she has here are wonderful and glad that i am now able to join this great place. :sign4: yes i am new just ask for jasmine you wont be disappointed

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