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Sex Education Video's On Langtrees.com

Discussion in 'Langtrees History Forum' started by Mary-Anne K, Jun 28, 2008.

  1. Mary-Anne K

    Mary-Anne K Administrator Battle Axe

    I did promise to come back and finish this post.
    One of the main and new features of the new Langtrees.com rebuild is to promote sex education video's. From what I have filmed to date we are going to start with a library of over 120 3 minute to 15 minute video's that i have produced over the years.
    Each month we will be adding a minimum of 10 more video,s.
    I have always been passionate about spreading the education that sex workers need to maintain a balanced lifestyle, so most are going to be aimed at what I feel they need.
    This year for my own personal adventure I am having my teeth basically rebuilt also with a fantastic cosmetic dentist I have found in Sydney.
    He was so excited that my teeth were the perfect canditate for a complete makeover he is also going to take me next March to Las Vegas for a dental conference to show thenm off.
    I am going to be filming this as we go along and making it into a documnetary called the Madam & The Dentist.
    I have always believed that ones teeth were there second most important physical asset, and that working ladies should invest in great teeth before they worry about the breast enhancements so I will drive the documentary along this way.
    I start next month with having to have a king of jaw lift first that will take three months, because over the years my bite has dropped and my teeth are not in correct elignment.
    I will be doing interviews with government organisations as well as many other intersting video's.
    Because of the high cost of video production these can not be offered free of charge.
    The price I have decided on is to charge $9.95 for a months unlimited viewing or downloading. I think this price will represent good value to all concerned and attract a very large world wide audience that can only enhance the traffic to the paid advertisers.
    Any feedback is appreciated.

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