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Rules of this thread.

Discussion in 'Langtrees History Forum' started by Mary Anne PA, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. Mary Anne PA

    Mary Anne PA Guest

    There are no rules.
    Ask Mary-Anne anything you want and she will answer. Just please be polite and courteous.
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  2. Mary-Anne K

    Mary-Anne K Administrator Battle Axe

    Serena's post should read she may answer, I will make the effort but do not have too much time over the next few weeks with my latest projects.
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  3. Christie

    Christie Guest

    Working Girls research project

    To Mary-Anne

    I am art student who is interested in breaking down stereotypes about girls who work in the sex industry particularly those about them using drugs. I wish to interview girls, using only audio, to maintain anonymity and protect their privacy, about thier lives outside work as well as how they feel about their work. I have personally also been working in the industry for two years. I feel my project is relevant with all the current work going on leading up to decriminalisation and the checking of personal details.

    Let me know,


  4. Mary Anne PA

    Mary Anne PA Guest

    christie, call me and I will give you the contact numbers to get this information and permission
    9473 8999 ask for me..
  5. Shenankh

    Shenankh Guest

    Karratha what lies up there?

    Hi there Mary-anne and all alike. I am a newbie to your forum.
    I have heard that there is a langtrees in Karratha. Yet to no avail my surfing skills are amiss I just cant find the info.
    I am interested in going there for the red hot blooded minners and have been told it has a langtrees? as Langtrees is the most represented agency in WA I rang the main office, Perth. A very helpfull receptionist alerted me here to the forum and I can still not find contact details for Karratha or a place you recomend.
    I am aware I need my abn and some ID latest cirtifcates ect to work in WA is there anything else I need to get this happening? I work full time in a borring job and will have a mere two months availiable to have some fun and make some money in the outback. All or any information would be apprietiated.

    Cheers. Shenankh
  6. Mary Anne PA

    Mary Anne PA Guest

    There is no langtrees in Karratha... just Port of Call, nothing to do with langtrees.

    There is one in kalgoorlie though that has accommodation also, can ring them on 08 90262 181

    can also find out info on Karratha by going to the website www.langtrees.com/dateline and following the map to WA
  7. mankok

    mankok Silver Member

    I wonder if langtrees is prepared to sponsor a women's rugby union team? I am afraid we cannot have too much publicity but we can attempt discreetlly to let the sympathetic rugby community know. so, how's about it, maryanne?
  8. Fudd

    Fudd Full Member Legend Member

    ....unfortunately, the way I read section 10 of the current Prostitution Act (NOT the proposed amendments), this would be illegal.


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