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Question Maryanne re you smoking

Discussion in 'Langtrees History Forum' started by Mary Anne PA, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. Mary Anne PA

    Mary Anne PA Guest

    As stated in your Thailand post your smoking like a chimney.

    You haven't got the stress of work environment here where you said you had to smoke and are getting fit and healthy in a relaxed environment so I think that is perfect opportunity to NOT smoke bearing in mind that YOU said you could give up at any time.
    So give up now whilst your in a good environment as that is an aging thing also for the body and you will feel the benefits better without it. It's amazing how disgusting people who smoke smell when you have a true smell sense and how it permeates from their bodies. Especially deep down on long term, not so much just having a recent smoke.
    What do you reckon?
  2. Mary Anne PA

    Mary Anne PA Guest

    hello Maryanne
    waiting for an answer to this...
  3. Miss P

    Miss P Guest

    Hi Maryanne, :) I have just become a non smoker - after 18 years of being a slave to the nicotine monster....

    My dad has just been diagnosed with tongue and throat cancer, after smoking for 25 years (he took it up at 40 yo when he and mum divorced....) It's been a long road to FINALLY get me to pull my head out of the sand.... full of excuses and justifications.... but better late than never hey....?!?!?

    I lost a sister in law to the same thing as my father has got 18 months ago, my grandmother died of smoking related illness when I was 15, my grandfather had 1/2 his leg amputated due to clots etc, my Father in law has had 3/4 of one lung removed due to cancer....it just goes on and on and on......

    If you haven't already done so.... PLEASE, please, google "Allan Carr's easyway to stop smoking" - the guy is a genius!

    In a matter of hours my life was changed for the better!

    Good luck... you know in your heart you can kick this thing!


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