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Discussion in 'Chit Chat,Gossip & Humor Forum' started by Sidewayss, Oct 19, 2018.

  1. Sidewayss

    Sidewayss Bronze Member

    Hello all.
    First time poster here.
    Just moved to the Gosnells area and am looking for a rub and tug in this area.
    As far as I know, there,s Sakai on Fremantle Road, Sakura around the corner on Albany Hwy, a massage place next to a adult store opposite the cop shop and there,s a new one on Corfield Street next to Chicken Treat.
    Can anyone recommend any of those?
    Also any good private sensual massage service you can recommend in the same area would be much appreciated.
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  2. Riah

    Riah Silver Member

    Never heard of any of does places ;(
    safe yourself the hassle and come to langtrees, where u know the girls are hot, the staff is friendly and the service will leave u wanting more ;)

    Hope to see u one of these days ;)
    If u have never been here before let us know and we can give u a tour and show u around ;) xoxo
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  3. Sherry

    Sherry Staff Member Legend Member

    Hi Sidewayss and welcome to the Forum:) We do offer sensual massage here at Langtrees so as Riah said, make sure you visit us and meet all of our beautiful ladies. Here is a link to our sensual massage profiles. Check it out and hopefully see you soon :happy:
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  4. Logan 2

    Logan 2 Staff Member Silver Member

    Hi Sideways! Welcome to the forum Hope you enjoy and find everything your after! x
  5. Mistress Lana

    Mistress Lana Fairy Godmother Staff Member Forum Manager

    welcome to the forum babe, enjoy and join in....... dont forget to get a avatar:D
  6. Tania

    Tania Administrator And Safe Sex Advocate Staff Member Moderator

    Welcome! Have fun and please share your experiences :) If you need any help please ask as we are all a pretty helpful bunch on here :)

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