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Outdated Beliefs...

Discussion in 'Langtrees History Forum' started by Jazzmine, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. Jazzmine

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    The 1500s
    English ship of war, the Mary Rose, had an interesting means of combating the STD gonorrhea: injecting liquid mercury into the urethra.As effective as this method sounds, it is not believed that the use of mercury, which is poisonous, ever cured a case of gonorrhea. Unless you count death as a cure.

    770 BC - 222 BC
    During the Chou Dynasty of China (770 BC - 222 BC), the adopted doctrine was Taoist. According to this doctrine men and women were split up into the yin and the yang which was basically the life essence of a person. Women were said to possess a limitless supply of yin essence while men were said to have a limited supply of yang essence. It was strictly believed, then, that men should never use up their yang without first getting plenty of yin. Translation? Men were expected to orgasm only AFTER their partner had orgasmed...If this was not adhered to then then what could be described as a man's life force would be drained from him until he eventually died.

    The 1500s
    In 16th century Canada, an interesting means of female contraception was devised: the t*******s of beavers were ground up and mixed with alcohol and then drunk. There are doubts as to whether this concoction ever prevented a single pregnancy, but one thing's for sure: it was a delicious drink.

    00 AD ~ 1500
    During Medieval Europe sex was evil and forbidden, under the following conditions:
    When one's wife was menstruating, pregnant, or nursing.
    During Lent, Advent, Whitsun Week, or Easter week.
    On feast days, fast days, Sunday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.
    During daylight.
    If you were naked.
    If you were in church.

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