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Discussion in 'Langtrees History Forum' started by Mary Anne PA, Apr 20, 2006.

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  1. Mary Anne PA

    Mary Anne PA Guest

    Heloo my pets . I hope that i have posted in the right area i have an arthretic index finger and it goes higildy pigilty and every way where it should. Its worse when i am trying to eat or scratch myself in the niether regions.

    Some folk have asked me about my earlier life in the sex industry overseas and also why i am so godammened spritley for my age a few that have met me have told me so. I just love compliments.I have had some nice young flirtacious pms from some lovely young men too unfortunately they are more likely having me on or just really kinky.

    I was a street walker in the late fifties for a short time.That is the best thing for your legs. I did a little in the late seventies. Charring cross train station , Balham and Brixton.Those areas became to dangerous and you had to be careful of being mugged. A protitutes best asset is her body and face good teeth . If you get bashed and ruin your teeth or get scarred your finished. I used to be very weary of all clients some girls just went missing.The aids epidemic got me off the streets pretty smart like.
    I then got a upstairs flat in Soho with a red light and had a maid that used to seat the clients. I only street walked to save money. I had fun in Soho In the eighties and the going rate then for a short time was about Ten pounds. Very few clients requested things like anal ect in those days not like this day and age i believe.I never had anal for money.
    I was very fortunate to meet a wealthy businessman who in fact came originally from Scotland he set me up in a really nice flat in Chelsea and i was then able to get some richer clientle. This was a very lucky break for me as it opened up many many doors for me.I had a reasonable amount of intelligence and pretty good looking so i was told. But my main secret was i treated everyone the same no matter how tired i was and i kept my innocence and freshness.
    I then opened up my very own bordello and escourt business in Mayfair i stopped doing tricks except for a handful of favourites.
    The business boomed particuary with a very large wealthy Arab population then living in London.This is all a very abridged version.
    My life took a very large leap after that . The rest of my life and why i came to lovely Australia remains a secret.

    A very old freind told me once never pass a toilet or a tap without using it. I have done that all my life and it has kept me healthy.

    Taraa poppits for now got to get down to the chemist for some haemaroid cream., the scurge of old age, hope my finger does not play up whilst applying it.

    Phanny Doubtfire.
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