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Maryanne in Perthnow dated 12/06/2012

Discussion in 'Langtrees History Forum' started by M Sue, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. M Sue

    M Sue Legend Member

    145180-langtrees (1).jpg

    JUDGES, politicians, opera singers and pop stars were amongst the clients of WA's most famous brothel madam but Mary-Anne Kenworthy says she will never reveal their identities.

    The famed owner of Langtrees said she counselled her sex workers against gossiping about some of the well-known identities they serviced, reminding them that as well as sex they also sold "privacy".

    Her comments come in the wake of the scandal engulfing federal politician Craig Thomson, who is facing allegations that he visited brothels using a Health Services Union credit card before he became an MP.

    It's understood a former sex worker has been offered $60,000 by A Current Affair to speak about her alleged encounters with the Dobell MP.

    Ms Kenworthy says she holds a few secrets of her own but money won't buy them.

    She alleges that a few years ago a Perth-based company paid her $10,000 to hire four sex workers for all-night sex romps for several contacts, including a federal politician whose name she still remembers.

    "Politicians are predominantly men and men have sexual urges," she said.

    "One in 10 men use sex services. What's the big deal? Why can't a prominent man be allowed to use sex workers?"

    She also alleges that a former client went on to become a judge and that a famous overseas opera singer was also a client of her sex business.

    On one occasion a rock band booked the entire floor of a Perth hotel and hired 23 sex workers, she said.

    But Ms Kenworthy said her well-known clients were always careful not to be caught out seeing escorts away from her brothel.

    "A prominent person doesn't walk into a brothel," she said.

    "They don't get into these positions (of power) by being stupid. They are not bloody silly."

    Ms Kenworthy said she had thought about writing a book about her life as a brothel madam, but would not reveal the identities of her clients if she did so.

    "I have lots of funny stories," she said.

    "But I believe that we sell a service for privacy. Whether it's a Prime Minister or a King.

    "It's an anonymous hourly love affair. Human beings need sex. It's healthy to have sex."

    145180-langtrees (1).jpg
  2. naughty thoughts

    naughty thoughts Former Administrator Moderator

    Good article, good principles. So rare to see principle in some of the other big businesses.

    Well done Mary-Anne.
  3. stevell

    stevell Silver Member

    Those are the sort of old school morals & principels we as a society should all live by,the world would be a better place.
  4. ecchimiki

    ecchimiki Gold Member

    The only time when I feel it is more than okay to release a politician's name who has been a client is when said politician gets on a high horse and supports a crackdown on prostitution/adault services. And then only if the name is given for free.

    There are far too many politicians out there who have a "Do as I say, not as I do" policy, like those that support the continued ban on X-rated videos (in an age where the internet has made this ban INSANE).
  5. Driver Harry

    Driver Harry The Transporter Gold Member

    Finally a article that was written with no hidden agenda, just a good interest story for a change
  6. Rochelle

    Rochelle Staff Member Moderator

    Nice one......good article.....that's how it should be handled everywhere.
    The problem with the latest "case" is not the fact that he went to an establishment (as stated....even politicians have sexual needs).......the problem is that he paid with money that doesn't belong to him. But as usual the media focus was on the working girl and his "indiscretion" and not on the misused Union funds.

  7. svengali

    svengali Legend Member

  8. ecchimiki

    ecchimiki Gold Member

    GOOD CHOICE OF WORDS THERE!!! :laughing4

    Geez, if kids did that in the playground, the papers'd be all over it. (Yes, I know, that is a double entendre in itself.)
  9. Sharaz

    Sharaz Gold Member


    I believe that girl has now retracted her story as she was in N.Z at the time, not sure if she has returned her fee that she was paid!!

    One of the main reasons men use the services of sex workers is for privicy and as an Industry that should always be respected no matter what,
    like Mary-Anne I have many stories to tell but I would never dream of naming names.

    Someone once said to me that I didnt know anything to write about them to which I responeded, that doesnt matter, I have a very vivid imagination, I think he had a few sleepless nights though.

    Some Madams and sex workers have kissed and told but look at where their lives end up, not in a good place.......
  10. Saige

    Saige Guest

    Retracted the statement yes....she conveniently "forgot" she was in New Zealand at the time who in hell wants to be known as the Monica Lewinsky or Divine Brown of Australia....no thanks!

    I agree though the issue really is he STOLE tax payers money, not that he saw a SW but the SW part funnily (or not really funny) does more damage to his reputation.

    But I hope that we all are so hell bent on protecting the identities of SW...after a photographer put my photos (head shots and all) on his FB, I was told "I dont know what you are worried about other girls have gotten modelling work out of this" needless to say I was mortified!!

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