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Mary-Anne Last post for a while

Discussion in 'Langtrees History Forum' started by Mary-Anne K, May 24, 2007.

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  1. Mary-Anne K

    Mary-Anne K Administrator Battle Axe

    Hello Every One
    I hope you've all missed me, my mailbox is filled with messages so at least a few have.I can't open them because coutesy would demand a reply and I have spent the last three months, planning my future 25 years and how I will wind up the last 50 years.
    Langtrees of Perth as we know it today will close hopefully in the next 12 months, you see I'm in labour and going to have quads.
    It will birth 4 new small business that operate no more than 12 hours a day 6 days a week so the new mothers can have a life as well as an income.The industry needs to be specific to be profitable today.I already have the mums in mind, they have the knowledge to carry my vision, may need a partner to establish and up to a year to plan.This will also solve all the other problems so the ladies have choices, the other staff have choices.Hopefully they will go east, west, south and north not to far from where we now live.
    Kalgoorlie will stay as it is whilst Leigh is at the helm with Sharon and the wonderful crew to guide and bully her.
    I won't starve, the naming right fee will be fair and should keep me in bread and water.
    My new career from now on will be creating educational 13 week series TV shows.One series a year hopefully, but only one, till it is in the bag and then passed along like a writer does.
    My name will change by law before my next birthday as I have sought my Dad's permission and feel it will suit me better.It certainly is easier to type.
    Mary-Anne K

    P.S I will not have time to check this post for a few months, hopefully it will survive with comments and suggestions added along the way and entertain me for hours.
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  2. Mary Anne PA

    Mary Anne PA Guest

    well I wish you luck maryanne on your sojourn and am very jealous as I love New York also plus many other places around America.

    Shireen has this really cool bag at work that someone got for her from new York, it's red and black and magnetically clips together and has some now with initials C S name or something so keep an eye out for me... all black on the bottom and red across the top, quite snazzy.

    Keep us entailed with all the goss happening over there and see if you can find that 6' american for me..lol
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