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Madam Leigh's Story

Discussion in 'Langtrees History Forum' started by Mary-Anne K, Nov 23, 2004.

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  1. Mary-Anne K

    Mary-Anne K Administrator Battle Axe

    Madam Leigh
    Madam Leigh was born in Kalgoorlie and born male. The personable brothel madam and sex change recipient is a respected member of the local council.
    Olive and Dominic Varis gave birth to Harry (later to become Leigh) fifty-ish years ago. Young Harry enjoyed playing football and cricket and the company of his three sisters and two brothers. During adolescence, he began to think that something wasn’t quite right. By the age of 17, Leigh was no longer Harry. She was fully aware that she was a woman trapped inside a male body. Leigh left Kalgoorlie and headed for the bright lights of Perth. Working as a labourer and then as a nurse at Graylands Mental Hospital, Leigh discovered that there were others like her out there.

    “It was an outrageous time, the late sixties; we were liberating people who had no idea that homosexuals existed,” she laughs. Two years into her new lifestyle, Leigh answered a knock at her front door to to find her mother and younger brother were moving in to escape the violent clutches of her father.

    At the tender age of twenty-one Leigh became the family breadwinner, fulfiling her routine chores at the hospital during the day to support her mother and brother and slipping into woman’s clothing and tripping the light fantastic with her homosexual friends at night. At this point in time, Leigh admitted her homosexuality and cross-dressing behaviour to her mother. “She was just waiting for me to tell her and then issued me with instructions to be either one or the other,” Leigh said of her moment of truth.

    With that in mind, Leigh headed north for the obscurity of Port Hedland to decide on her future. After touring the area with her own drag show, Leigh then grew a beard and stayed on in Wickham, working in construction for seven months.
    “I lived like a bloke, worked like a bloke and drank like a bloke,” she says. Leigh then returned to Perth, giving her mother the surprise of her life with a fully-grown beard. Not long after, Leigh moved to Sydney.

    Working as a maintenance man in a Kings Cross hotel by day, Leigh began taking female hormones and dallied as a prostitute at night.

    After trying this for a while, Leigh moved back to Wickham, this time as a female. Taking the bull by the horns, Leigh walked into the local pub dressed as a woman. She stepped up to the bar and said in a deep male voice, “Give us a beer.” From that day on, they all thought that she was a bit of alright.

    Leigh lived happily in Wickham for fourteen years, working as a cleaner, but still required surgery to complete her sexual transformation. She opted to have the procedure carried out in Singapore in 1986, returning to Perth as a fully-fledged female to work in a pub.

    After being sexually harassed by her boss, Leigh decided it better to work professionally and became the first sex-change recipient to be registered as a brothel worker under the containment system. Leigh’s next move was to Kalgoorlie to check out Hay Street.

    “It was really quite scary, because the guys I went to school with were picking me out and doing their business without realising who I used to be,” Leigh says now. “But I never once got sprung, not for that or the fact that I’d had a sex-change operation.”
    “I had only been working in Kalgoorlie ten weeks when I heard they were looking for a new madam at Club 181.”

    Working with Mary-Anne and seeing her frustrations in trying to rebuild Club 181, Leigh then decided to nominate for the local council elections – surprising no-one with an overwhelming victory. ”Kalgoorlie’s always been known for it’s brothels,” she quips. Running with the slogan “I DARE TO BE DIFFERENT”, Leigh paints Kalgoorlie –Boulder as a progressive town that doesn’t play host to bludgers.

    “We live in the best city in the world, a stones throw away from God’s door. Nothing sinister really happens here,” she boasts. “There are no rapes, tourism is booming and although the price of gold has dropped considerably, there is more remaining under Boulder than has already been reaped, so the days of prosperity will return.” What do her local constituents feel about their local boy turned brothel madam councillor?

    “They love me because they realise that I ain’t that much different from the next councillor - I’m just a normal person with a changed exterior,” she says with a wry smile.
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  2. summer

    summer Guest


    ;D I have to say I heard a couple of story's,
    but i'd like to say I really like Leigh and that's who I always see when I talk to
    her,and in my mind Leigh is a mature women,
    who is good to work for when I do,and always been pleasent!
    would deffinately not put up with bullshit and draw the line,but that is what we need.Exprecially if you get dick-head drunk's that are hard to deal with,I have no doubt in my mind that Leigh would pull them into line!
    And I feel safe knowing she's on!
    Summer. :cya:
  3. astrid

    astrid Guest

    Like Summer I have heard stories as well since I've been working for Langtrees. I never have had the chance to really talk with Leigh because most of the time she was in Kalgoorlie till........Leigh recently moved back to Perth and started to work in Midland and filled in my shifts as a receptionist while I was away in Holland for a holiday.
    Thanks Mary-Ann for sharing this story with us......Leigh is a wonderful lady...I love to listen to her stories...would love to hear more.
    Dear Leigh...great to have you here....and I'm sure everyone will agree with me...YOU have the ability to create a nice and calming atmosphere, put everyone at ease and your presence brightens every ones day.
    love Astrid
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  4. cli-max

    cli-max Guest

    Our Leigh

    Thanks for the story on Leigh Maryanne. :3some:

    I had read the book The Scarlet Mile, and learned quite a lot from there.
    Our Leigh is an amazing woman and I just love her to bits. To get a big genuine hug from her, is like no other.
    Thanks Maryanne, for giving us the privilliage of getting to know her. hearing her wild stories and gags. :headbang:

    xx Maxeen :angel1:
  5. Macey

    Macey Guest

    i have to agree with everyone elses comments. Leigh is just great. Fair friendly and honest.

    you like her or you dont and ive yet to meet anyone who doesnt.

    Your advice to tell my mum I love her everytime I see her still echoes and not only makes me realise how much i love and need my mum but also how much my kids need and love me and that makes me step up to the parenting plate a stronger person.

    thanks for that pearl of wisdom. youre one of a kind!
    cant wait to see you again!

    love macey xx

    and we would all love to hear more of your stories!!
    bring em on!!
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