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Ladies I am confirming the New Langtrees Team

Discussion in 'Langtrees History Forum' started by Mary-Anne K, Jul 6, 2010.

  1. Mary-Anne K

    Mary-Anne K Administrator Battle Axe

    I have returned to Australia after travelling for the last 18 months.
    The lease on langtrees of Perth & Kalgoorlie expires on October the 8th.
    At that date I will operate the business again myself.
    I have spent a lot of time overseas investigating the latest trends in our specialized market place.
    I have come back with many new ideas and look forward to introducing and upgrading our Perth & Kalgoorlie systems of operation.
    One of the things I discovered overseas was the younger reception and management teams were more effective and offered a better atsmophere. Most top places I visited paid receptioists on turnover therefore making a top operator as much income as a working lady.
    I have decided to start with a new young fresh team and my daughter Miss Rylie has agreed to be the Langtrees of Perth new co-ordinator.
    I am already recieving requests for interviews which is great, it gives me time to build a fresh new team that will turn the Perth Punters into excited playboys.
    I am determined to have a much better age mix in the new team of contractors.
    I promise that mix will be approx:
    25% Ladies 18-23 (25 ladies)
    35% Ladies 24 -30 ( 35 Ladies)
    25% Ladies 3o-37 (25 ladies)
    15% Ladies 38 or older. (15 ladies)
    Yes 100 ladies is a lot of talent, but this was the number I worked with in my peak, we had enough work for 30 ladies on a FRIDAY NIGHT.
    As all ladies will only be allowed 4 reservations per week except travelling ladies who will be allowed 5 per week, I will need these numbers to offer variety and also keep them competetive so they offer "The True Langtrees Service".
    Ladies will be selected, firstly on there presentation,( Hair Nails & Shoes)
    secondly on there organization skills. (Is she organized enough to turn up on time and respect her right to enjoy Perth's best income on offer.)
    Thirdly on her bedroom skills, what has she to offer. As a contractor all ladies have the right to offer only what they like to do. If a lady does not offer one service....visitors arrive will write more later.
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2010
  2. Farm Boy

    Farm Boy Guest

    Maryanne Please ex plane what is meant by 4 reservations. (spell checker and I seem a bit incompatible. sorry for that)
  3. Mary-Anne K

    Mary-Anne K Administrator Battle Axe

    As contractoros I have no right of employment. The ladies are not my staff they are self employed business woman.
    Therefore all I have to offer is the right to reserve shifts. Therefore reservations is the new word for shifts.
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  4. **Mel**

    **Mel** Guest

    This sounds so exciting and fantastic for u Maryanne. I hope u build urself the young, fresh, excited team for both parlours that will help u to acheive the great things everyone knows ur so damn capable of!
  5. Mary-Anne K

    Mary-Anne K Administrator Battle Axe

    Re: Madam Mary-Anne K is Backontinued

    Ladies will be selected,
    1. On presentation,( Hair Nails, Dress & Shoes)

    2. Organization skills. (Is she organized enough to turn up on time and respect her right to enjoy Perth's best income on offer.)

    3. Bedroom skills, what does offer? Is she good at them? What service is she excellent at?

    4. As individual business woman contractors have the right to choose what services they offer and at what price they offer them. All contractors will be asked to list this price list to management, these prices must be adhered to at all times unless she notifies madament and it is approved.

    5. Her look, style & presentation.

    6. Langtrees will not give reservations to ladies that have not worked before unless they are over 28 years of age. Whilst we are looking for fresh ladies to the industry, they must have made the commitment to excellence and have some experience of the industry.
  6. Sharaz

    Sharaz Gold Member

    Welcome back dragon ladyfrom your bestest friend
  7. Mary-Anne K

    Mary-Anne K Administrator Battle Axe

    I will shortly be using this thread to post photos and details on the ladies I have confirmed for reservations at Langtrees of Perth. I will be doing the same with the Langtrees of Kalgoorlie ladies on that board.
    I have already organized half the ladies I want to start with. For the first two weeks I don't want a full team so we have time to get to know each other.
    The ladies at McKenzie have seemed very confused, which I understand. I am not guaranteeing any of these ladies a position or will interview any before the 4th October as I believe this would be unfair to my tenant and I have a responsibility to see she is given quiet enjoyment.
    Ladies interested can join the forum and PM or email me before this. I will expect an email photo from all applicants.
    I am looking for energetic ladies that offer the clients a warm and sexy service. Ladies must be prepared to be the great hostess in the lounge at all times.
    Langtrees Ladies will be $150 per hour room fee and the ladies can charge $200 for full inclusive service.
    Langtrees Courtesans will cost $200 room fee per hour and can charge $300 for full service superior GFE.
    I will also expect all ladies to be forum friendly and prepared to promote themselves on our website and forum and the internet in general. Photos must be genuine but I will accept any part of the body and appreciate the ladies need privacy.
  8. badboy

    badboy Guest

    That is a lot of choice

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