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Helpful hints for working Ladies.

Discussion in 'The Langtrees NEWS Darwin: Perth: Canberra:' started by Tania, Jun 26, 2013.

  1. Tania

    Tania Administrator And Safe Sex Advocate Staff Member Moderator

    This thread is for helpful hints for the Ladies.
    Last year I posted a similar thread but I have been unable to find it. When I do I shall merge the threads.

    New Shoes: When you buy new shoes heat them with a hairdryer until they are really warm, then put them on. Once they cool warm them again and put them back on. By now they should have molded perfectly to your feet and bingo no blisters and a lot less pain. THIS REALLY WORKS.

    Drink Water: It is always a good habit to get into having a drink of water and to water the flower (go for a wee)after every booking, this is good for flushing your system and can help stop urinary tract infections which can be quite common for WL's.

    New Ladies: Do not feel embarrassed or silly, ask lots of questions. It may seem like a silly question to you but in all realism is probably just as important as any other question you may ask.

    So any other helpful hints please post away & if you have any questions ASK away :)
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  2. Jo Langtrees

    Jo Langtrees Silver Member

    And eat healthy. With lots of exercising (especially in Darwin), its really important to eat healthy, vegies and fruit to keep up your strength and keep the ghoulies (sickness) away ;)
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  3. Logan 2

    Logan 2 Staff Member Silver Member

    Always a good idea to change condoms after oral and before jumping on! You can accidently put holes in condoms with your teeth or weaken them!
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