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Delete/edit old post

Discussion in 'ADMIN NEWS: TIPS: SHORTCUTS: HELP' started by Pete, Jul 3, 2016.

  1. Pete

    Pete Silver Member

    What is the protocol for deleting or Editting old posts that you've done? I made a couple of comments in a thread a couple of months ago, and the lady has respectfully requested I remove them. I don't have a delete or edit option on them though? I reported them both a couple of days ago, with a note to whoever might see the report of the situation, but as of right now, they're still there.

    Just wondering what the best thing to do is?
  2. Miss Monique

    Miss Monique Legend Member

    Pete perhaps if you contact on of the moderators Happypirate, Tania, or Johnlou with links to the post they should be able to help you hun
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  3. johnlou

    johnlou Staff Member Forum Manager

    Pete shoot me a conversation with the thread link and post contents and why you need it removed !!
  4. aaries14

    aaries14 Silver Member

    Hi. Just wondering how to delete/edit a post please. Is the above info still correct? Thanks
  5. happypirate

    happypirate Old pirate Staff Member Forum Manager

    Hi;- Just contact one of the moderators, the next time you are on-line. Use Pm and let them know where the thread is that you wish deleted.
    I am sure there will be some one on-line to help you out.
    If you still having difficulty, just report the situation on this thread.
    All the best .

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  6. aaries14

    aaries14 Silver Member

    Thank you, will try
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