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Common Sex industry Abbreviations in Advertisments

Discussion in 'The Langtrees NEWS Darwin: Perth: Canberra:' started by Mary Anne PA, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. Mary Anne PA

    Mary Anne PA Guest

    Many workers use abbreviations to describe the services offered. Heres a quick explanation of the most common:

    GFE- Girlfriend experience
    A GFE is an encounter which feels more like a date than a paid transaction. Generally there is lots of foreplay, with mutual oral (oral performed on both parties) and massage, DFK (Deep French Kissing), fairly 'vanilla' sex and cuddling afterward.
    (see Girlfriend experience - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

    PSE -Porn Star Experience
    With a PSE the encoutner is similar to a porn movie - lots of focus on the male, with generally rough/hard sex and often finishing with CIM (cum in mouth) or COF/COT (Cum on Face/ Cum on Tits)
    (See Urban Dictionary: pse)
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  2. evileyes

    evileyes Guest

    I hope some private WLs who advertised GFE reads this. Check the BC ads and you'll see lots of WLs adverising GFE. But when you ring, most of them they will say no french kissing.
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  3. retrowolf

    retrowolf Horny Bugger Gold Member

    Oh and there is my fav... DATY!!! Dine at the Y, which kinda fits into the "mutal oral" part of the GFE.
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  4. Mary Anne PA

    Mary Anne PA Guest

    when it comes to a GFE, I personally think of the things that most couples do during lovemaking, and to me DFK is a must, and I never turn down DATY :)
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  5. laurenperth

    laurenperth Guest

    Just wondering what isDFK ?
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  6. lookinglong

    lookinglong Legend Member

    Lauren DFK
    Deep French Kissing
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  7. laurenperth

    laurenperth Guest


    Thanks so much for that...saved me staying awake all night wondering if its on my menu or not ... lol

    Lauren x
  8. Alecia the Foxx

    Alecia the Foxx Legend Member

    To address this issue I put a "Glossary of Sex Terms" complete with pics on my website, as I got tired of guys ringing me just to ask what the acronyms stood for. I found this most useful, and it is my most commented on article on the site.:love10:
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  9. alen.perth

    alen.perth Guest

    Thanks!!!!!!!! which kinda fits into the "mutal oral" part of the GFE
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  10. AfterDarkPhoto

    AfterDarkPhoto Silver Member

    Can we get a more comprehensive list of industry initialism's / acronyms? There are a few Aussie one's I'm unfamiliar with... for example... what the hell is a W/L?
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  11. naughtish

    naughtish Gold Member

    mine too!!in fact I opened a new thread about it today!! hehe
  12. naughtish

    naughtish Gold Member

    it stands for Working Lady..
  13. nedrock

    nedrock Silver Member

    what is spainish? know what greek is but for the life of me i cant figure it out

    also i think this is a great thread it will offer a lot of answers for alot of people so good one sexy_celeste
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  14. retrowolf

    retrowolf Horny Bugger Gold Member

    Titty f**k. No idea why it's called spanish though.
  15. nedrock

    nedrock Silver Member

    thanks retro wolf wouldn't have thought spainish meant that but at least i know

  16. Perthm30

    Perthm30 Gold Member

    Apparantly it's what the spanish virgin girls used to do before they got married.Most spanish chicks have big tits so maybe there is truth to it...
  17. benqaz

    benqaz Bronze Member

    This one has defeated my google ability.

    V/U/M or just U/M.
  18. Tannerone

    Tannerone Silver Member

    They both mean "I will Visit yoU or you can Visit Me".
  19. Waussie69

    Waussie69 Guest

    Can someone please tell me What is BBBJ?
  20. johnlou

    johnlou Staff Member Forum Manager

    Bare Back Blow Job ( oral without condom )
  21. JustAndy

    JustAndy Silver Member

    can someone please tell me what MILF is :) thanks
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  22. nedrock

    nedrock Silver Member

    mum i'd like to f**k
  23. JustAndy

    JustAndy Silver Member

    thanks Ned for the info
  24. Hardwood

    Hardwood Guest

    AMP: Asian Massage Parlor
    AR: Anal Rimming
    ASP: Adult Service Provider
    ATF: All Time Favorite
    ATM: Ass To Mouth
    BBBJ: Bare Back Blow Job
    BBBJCIMNQNS: Bare Back Blow Job, Cum…
    BBBJTC: Bare Back Blow Job to Complet…
    BBBJTCWS: Bare Back Blow Job To Compl…
    BBBJWF: Bare Back Blow Job With Facia…
    BBFS: Bare Back Full Service
    BBW: Big Beautiful Woman
    BCD: Behind Closed Doors
    BDSM: Bondage and Discipline, Dominat…
    BDSM: Bondage, Discipline, Sado-Masoc…
    BHM: Big Handsome Man
    BJ: Blow Job
    BLS: Ball Licking and Sucking
    BS: Body Slide
    BSD: Big Swinging Dick
    BSW: Black Street Walker
    CBJ: Covered Blow Job
    CDS: Covered Doggy Style
    CFS: Covered Full Service
    CG: Club Girls
    CG: Cowgirl
    CIM: Cum in Mouth
    CMD: Carpet Matches Drapes
    COF: Cum On Face
    CSA: Crime Scene Action
    DATO: Dining at the O
    DATY: Dining At The Y
    DDE: Doesn't do extras
    DDF: drug and disease free
    DDG: Drop Dead Gorgeous
    DDP: Double Digit Penetration
    DFE: Dead Fish Experience
    DFK: Deep French Kissing
    DIY: Do It Yourself
    DP: Digital penetration
    DP: Double Penetration
    DSL: Dick Sucking Lips
    DT: Deep Throat
    DT: Dining at the Toes
    FA: Fat Admirer
    FBSM: Full body sensual massage
    FFA: Fat Female Admirer
    FFA: Female Fat Admirer
    FFM: Two Females and a Male
    FIV: Finger In Vagina
    Five-O: A police officer
    FJ: Foot Job
    FKK: Frei Körper Kultur
    FMP: f**k Me Pumps
    FOB: Fresh Off the Boat
    FOBU: Fat-Old-Bald-Ugly
    FOTC: f**k of the century
    FOV: Finger Outside Vagina
    FS: Full Service
    FUTB: Finger Up The Butt

    GF: Girl Friendly
    GFE: Girl Friend Experience
    GND: Girl Next Door
    gs: Golden Shower
    GSM: G-Spot Massage
    HJ: Hand job
    HM: High Mileage
    HME: HoneyMoon Experience
    HPV: Human Papillomavirus
    HR: Hand Release
    HSW: Hispanic Street Walker
    ISO: In Search Of
    LBFM: Little Brown f**king Machine
    LCN: Latin Chica Network
    LE: Law Enforcement
    LEO: Law Enforcement Officer
    LF: Lady Friend
    LFK: Light Face Kissing
    LGBTQI: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans…
    LOS: Land Of Smiles
    LT: Long Time
    MFF: Male, Female, Female
    MFM: Male, Female, Male
    MILF: Mother I'd Like to f**k
    MMF: Male, male, female
    MP: Massage Parlor
    MP: Multiple Pops
    MPA: Massage Parlor Attendant
    MSOG: Multiple shots on goal
    N: Nude
    NQBC: Non-quitter, but covered
    NQBS: Non-quitter, but spitter
    NQNS: Non-quitter, non-spitter
    NR: Nude Reverse
    NSA: No Strings Attached
    O: Orgasm
    Os: Orgasms
    OWO: Oral WithOut a condom
    OWOTC: Oral Without Condom To Complet…
    P4P: Pay for Play
    PIV: penis-in-vagina
    PL: Pathetic Loser
    POS: Pussy On the Side
    PS: Private Show
    PSE: Porn Star Experience
    PV: Private viewing
    RCA: Reverse Cowgirl Anal
    RMP: Russian Massage Parlor
    ROB: Rip Off Bitch
    RTFF: Read the f**king Forum
    SC: Strip Club
    Sexting: Sex Texting
    SFH: Sex for hire
    SG: Street Girl
    SOF: Shit On Floor
    SOG: Shot On Goal
    SOMF: Sat On My Face
    SP: Service Provider
    SSBBW: Super-Sized Big Beautiful
    ST: Short Time
    STD: Sexually Transmitted Disease
    SW: Sex Worker
    SW: Street Walker
    T: Topless
    T4M: Transvestite looking For Men
    TJ: Tijuana
    TLN: Toda La Noche
    TOFTT: Take one for the team
    TOS: Take Out Service
    TUMA: Tongue Up My Ass
    TV: transvestite
    VJJ: Vagina
    WAH: Wild Ass Humping
    WF: Wild f**k
    WG: Working Girl
    WSW: White Street Walker
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  25. My_10incher

    My_10incher Silver Member

    Good work Hardwood!! haha

    I like your style!!
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  26. Escorts Australian

    Escorts Australian Silver Member

    WAH= wild ass humping, laugh everytime i read that
  27. mick0

    mick0 Bronze Member

    this is a very helpful list
  28. Thor

    Thor Silver Member

    Ok old thread, but this list by hardwood is great! Some of these acronyms aren't obvious.
    Oh and cheers to the mod that's following me around approving my new posts!
  29. Jadedronin

    Jadedronin Silver Member

    So, ok, I'm new to all this, and when I read some posts, I don't fully understand what the abbreviations are.

    Some I get, some I guess, but when there are multiple letters, I have no idea.

    For a newbie, would someone mind explaining what things mean. If it's too rude to put here, can you please PM me?

    Thank you sincerely.
  30. bepp

    bepp Feelthy old bugga Legend Member

    YMMV.....your mileage may vary ( what ohters get as far as xtras may not be wat u get ) dont b afraid just ask n u'll be informmed no need for PM JUST ASK

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