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A Sneak Preview at the new Langtrees.com going live 20th -24th July

Discussion in 'Langtrees History Forum' started by Mary-Anne K, Jul 11, 2013.

  1. Mary-Anne K

    Mary-Anne K Administrator Battle Axe

    We have been going a while now and Ian decided we needed a fresher look and feel, go for it Ian. Love the new look and can't wait until it goes live. screenshot3.jpg screenshot2.jpg screenshot1.jpg

    The forum will have to wait another month so around the end August:
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  2. DDxoxo

    DDxoxo Live, Love & Believe Moderator

    Oh my gosh!
    That's so awesome! Lovely Lovely...
    Ladies. don't you feel proud that our website is continually changing for the better...
    Aren't you thrilled to have your profile on this amazing site!
    Be Excited! Can't wait for the 20th! Can't come soon enough!​
  3. M Sue

    M Sue Legend Member

    I love the new colours............
  4. xZaidax

    xZaidax Reception and Bartender in the ACT Legend Member

    Agreeing with Sue here the colour scheme is awesome, and the new layout looks good as well ^.^
  5. Langtrees.com

    Langtrees.com Gold Member

  6. Madam Jacqui

    Madam Jacqui Cheeky & Dangerous Moderator

    Cant Wait for it to go Live, Will bring in Heaps with the Stylish Furnishing...............
  7. Langtrres VIP Perth 4

    Langtrres VIP Perth 4 Silver Member

    Oh I love Change........I think the website change is just what we need to finish off with all the changes we have seen in the last couple of months...Look forward to the Website x
  8. Langtrees VIP Perth 3

    Langtrees VIP Perth 3 Legend Member

    Looks great and an exciting new chapter coming xx
  9. TheRoamingEyeball

    TheRoamingEyeball Gold Member

    Change is definitely exciting! The new Langtrees.com looks awesome, can't wait for the forum :)
  10. katiegirl

    katiegirl Silver Member

    I too love the new colours it is going to be amazing when it goes live!
    I know a lot of hard work has gone into making these changes and I am sure the revamp is going to be received with very positive feedback.

    I have only been here a few months but the changes I have seen in this time is phenomenal. Things are constantly developing and changing and its very exciting! I have never worked anywhere that changes like it does here. Keeps things interesting to say the least!

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