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What makes up a guest?

Discussion in 'The Langtrees NEWS Darwin: Perth: Canberra:' started by ampmassageboy, Oct 25, 2018.

  1. ampmassageboy

    ampmassageboy Gold Member

    Just looking at the front page and noticed this:

    Total: 127 (members: 26, guests: 93, robots: 8)

    Time is 4.45pm on the 25/10/18.

    What makes up a guest? Is that just a lurker that can only see the front page?

    If we converted 1/2 of them to member, things would be rollin along a bit better I would have thought.
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  2. naughty thoughts

    naughty thoughts Former Administrator Moderator

    I'm not 100% sure on this forum software, but normally a guest is any computer / device / browser that is requesting information from the forum but hasn't logged in.

    The robots listed are usually just the main ones (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc), most smaller robots or automated programs are set up to not declare themselves as robots so they would make up the bulk of those. I don't have any current numbers, but back in the day when I used to be more involved in forums and such I'd worked out that Guests were normally about 25% actual humans (or at least people that would respond to queries).

    So on the numbers you captured, I'd say of the 93 guests around 22 odd might be humans, so half of those would be 11 or so.
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