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Sex Worker Client Poll -What do you PREFER

Discussion in 'Chit Chat,Gossip & Humor Forum' started by Mary-Anne K, Dec 12, 2008.


What is your preference?

  1. Hand Relief Parlours

    127 vote(s)
  2. Full Service Establishments

    174 vote(s)
  3. Escort Agencies

    47 vote(s)
  4. Private Operators

    221 vote(s)
  5. Never used any

    37 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Mary-Anne K

    Mary-Anne K Administrator Battle Axe

    Guests and zero post count members can't vote on polls.
    What Is your preference?
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  2. Mary-Anne K

    Mary-Anne K Administrator Battle Axe

    Keep the posting going, you are allowed two choices. Guest and Zero Posters can vote on polls.
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  3. svengali

    svengali Legend Member

    Interesting results. Perhaps the preference for "privates" says something about the quality of experience offered at the majority of in-house establishments?
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  4. someguy

    someguy Silver Member

    Oops I voted for three choices. Basically my preference is for anything other than escort agencies. All my experiences with escort agencies have been very poor to say the least.
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  5. stormline

    stormline Guest

    yep i got 3 choices to,i guess my favourite would be escort.i have got to meet some real nice ladies over time,and once you get to know a few its seems much more relaxed at my own place.the only down side to escort is when they send you a girl who is not what she is described like.though the v.i.p system worked very well for me as i mostly would book when i knew my favourite receptionist was working and she always sent me out girls that i had filled out on my v.i.p membership that was to my liking.i used to like going to inhouse only to see one girl and it was prebooked but found it a bit intimidating sitting in a lounge full of girls trying to pic one.this probably wont go down to well but its how it was,i found the situation where you could go in and have a drink and wait till a lady came over to you was not the way i liked it.once i wanted to see a paticular lady but when i asked the receptionist could i book her i was told i had to wait till she was finished talking to the guys she was sitting with.after about an hour and half went by a couple of girls came over to our table but i said i was really interested in seeing the girl behind us,she was cool with that and actually went and told her.after about another half an hour went by i saw a girl that came out of a booking and just walked up to her and asked her could i see her and she said no worries so i went over and booked her.then the other girl came over and said i thought you wanted to see me and i said i did,but you didnt seem interested so i went ahead with the girl i asked and the other girl got a little pissed off as the guys she was talking to never ended up booking anybody and walked out.soshe could of had a 2hour booking but i went with the other girl who i had a great time with.while waiting for her though unfortunately it felt like just going to a pub where the women would go for the guy they liked more.the girl i was with said tht doesnt happen very often but it put me off.i did go bac another nite and it worked alot easier and had a really good time with a kiwi girl,sorry dont remember her name.though i never felt very comfortable there after what happened before that.as far as privates go i have found most to not be what they advertise.yes its alot different now with privates thnx to sites like this one ect,but alot of them girls are very attractive but a little out of my price range.im not saying all and the ones that are over $600ph are probably very good as it states. as far as rnt goes i wouldnt waste my money.
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  6. sunyun

    sunyun Legend Member

    I have only been to a 'House' once, and was so intimidated by the receptionist and having the girls come over, that I never went again. Also I guess I am not too keen on meeting someone I know.

    Private girls are a bit of a lucky dip. I tried a few until I found a lady I liked and then became a regular. Sadly, she left the business and now Im looking again.

    I reckon the best for me would be a semi retired or amatuer lady who didn't want to work full time, and only wanted to top up her cash occasionally. I cant afford the really expensive girls ($300 and up !), so need to look for someone not quite in the market.

    I live in the country and only get to Perth once a month or so, and when I do, I don't want to waste an oppertunity, so I prefer to book, and I prefer someone I know so that I can really relax - and so that she can really relax !

    Ah well, the search goes on !
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  7. zorbawolf

    zorbawolf Bronze Member

    Hi, new here and having a great time exploring this site. Have to say I love sex. Now a huge fan. Hope to contribute more to this site of like.
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  8. Mary-Anne K

    Mary-Anne K Administrator Battle Axe

    Welcome zorbawolf, hope to hear from you often.
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  9. Rallyguy555

    Rallyguy555 Gold Member

    haven't been to a house yet .but it is on the to do list
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  10. milf_hungry

    milf_hungry Guest

    Private all the way for me.... I just like the discretion
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  11. seagoon77

    seagoon77 Bronze Member

    I do prefer the private scene, although it seems there are not many Aussie's advertising these days. My experience with a the couple of asian ladies I have seen has been somewhat disappointing to say the least. However, being the eternal optimist, one lives in continual hope.
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  12. sparrow

    sparrow Silver Member

    my preference is a full sevice establishment because u can just walk in see the talent and if there isnt a girl who takes u fancy u can just walk out and no need to feel bad about it.
    also u know what the cost is and u dont have to worry about nosy neighbours wondering what your up to.
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  13. randomrandom

    randomrandom Bronze Member

    Interesting results. Only used an HR so far. Will have to try the others.
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  14. I LUV a Rub

    I LUV a Rub Guest

    Call girls are often not what you are told on the phone. Some are rude to you, and
    of couse I dont like these sort of people and thier "boyfriends" knowing my home address. If you dont want the girl, there can be a problem. Once woman was fat, and stunk and obviously did not even wash between jobs.

    At a big brothel, you can interview up to 8 girls and pick your favourite. They are usually clean.
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  15. happytimes

    happytimes what you see is wat you get and alot more Legend Member

    I have had some good times with plenty of escort girls and some have been stunners.
    Also have had quiet a few good times with in house girls. One stand out.
    Since i have been seeing w/L's for over 25years on and off i couldn't really say i favour one to the other.

    I have only seen a few private girls but have always had a pic to look at and that has only been in more recent times.
    As for RnT i haven't really done that. I went to have a massage and she asked me if i wanted that which i replied if it is going to cost me more and she said no. She also said she very rarely offers that service so i guess i was lucky.

    As i would not waste my money for just a RnT.Each to there own..
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  16. chile70

    chile70 Silver Member

    Not really had the desire to pay for sex before, although now married (no its not what you are thinking) we have a great sex life, but have been thinking about introducing a person/s into our bed. We still have not had the courage to go to Clubxs but I am wondering who has ever hired a third person and how has it gone????
  17. seteh

    seteh Guest

    My experience with private W/L's was not very good; some of the ads where false advertising and just generally it seemed like they are not anywhere near the quality of the girls in Full Service Establishments. nowdays it's a bit different, looks like there are plenty of high class private ladies, but they are expensive and sometimes way overpriced. I wouldn't mind spending 800$ on something that’s really top notch, but I recognized some of the private ladies that advertise on here and elsewhere and some are above 40 which is not really my thing and some are nothing special so why would they charge twice the price of normal establishments? I am still wondering if there is any young W/L's that offer a genuine GFE and are not priced at a level that's only for the very rich. i have had some great experiences though, there is one lady at esquire that goes by the name keira who doesn't do full service but gives the best rnt in WA. she charges as much as other girls charge for full service, but i'm happy to pay... i haven't seen her in a while so i don't know if she's still around.
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  18. golfball

    golfball Silver Member

    Most of the establishments here in Vic are very good, they have intros where you can ask the girls what they do, before the booking
    Also the rates over here are cheaper than other states, with $120.00 for 1/2 hour, to $180.00 for the hour, depending where you go
    Most of the escort agencies are quite reasonable as well
  19. jack121

    jack121 Bronze Member

    For me, the biggest problem is connection. I'm way nervous when I go to see someone - so it's probably just as much my fault. Also, I always seem to snag someone who's much friendlier on the phone and more business like in person. So in the end I don't get to see many girls. Oh well...
  20. Carlos666

    Carlos666 Guest

    Brothels, as they are safer, you get to see and talk to the girl before making decision!
    (some recetionists wont allow chat with the girls though). You get free extra if the girls like you! (ie F.K., NBJ, DATY, Greek). No pressure to stay if you dont want to!
  21. Alecia the Foxx

    Alecia the Foxx Legend Member

    I didn't vote in the poll, as I suspect it's for punters, but as a Sex Worker, I prefer working privately. I like choosing what I wear, and how long I work for, and what services I will provide. Depending on the agency or parlor, those choices are all too often made for me.:violent5:
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  22. frendoto

    frendoto Guest

    Forgive my ignorance, please, but what's a half relief parlour? Sounds interesting.
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  23. Carlos666

    Carlos666 Guest

    It is HAND relief, not half relief (like what you do when you are alone at home with your d**k
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  24. Beanbag5

    Beanbag5 Bronze Member

    haven't been to a house in ages but got to know all the ladies well, and had a good time with management, private was good but felt a bit deflated ----- afterwards looking to visit langtree's very soon
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  25. Onhill

    Onhill Bronze Member

    Have never been to a house and have only had one experience with an agency. What I was told and what I got was another story. I wanted slim, I got fat. She was a nice lady and I fucked her anyhow, not wanting to be offensive, but the point is that it took all this courage to get it to happen and when it did it wasn't what I wanted.
    I want to do it again, to embarrassed to go to a brothel and not knowing what to do about getting a nice looking lady for a couple of hours
  26. Bluegrass9

    Bluegrass9 Legend Member

    Sex is an interesting menu.

    An one hour with a lady in a spa and body slide followed by hand relief can be heaven if you find the right lady.

    A brothel on a whole you get what they say and nothing extra unless you are very lucky.

    Private girls charge a little more but I believe a better quality service. GFE however does vary a lot as there is no control to ensure the private escort is doing as she has advertised.

    So you have to taste it and see and if it tastes good, just keep coming back for more.
  27. Blaine

    Blaine Guest

    I definitely prefer FSE. You walk in, you see the girls, you can chat, and you can either book or walk out. The girls are usually always welcoming, especially at Langtrees, and many will get you coffee, etc. I have only felt I was hurried by a receptionist once and sometimes I've chatted for well over an hour with two or three girls before I've booked. Some FSEs are more friendly than others but if you don't like the vibe you can leave.

    Private girls ... well, in my experience, there can be a vast difference between the hype and the reality. Also, the top end private girls are simply far too expensive. The girl would have to perform like Traci Lords, Marilyn Chambers and Jenna Jameson rolled into one to justify the top end tarriffs. I have used private girls for both full service and RNT but only go to FSEs now.

    I have never used Escorts and most probably never will. It is either book a room somewhere (and price becomes prohibitive) or my home (and I don't want to give out my address). And, imho, you run the risk of the difference between hype/reality.

    I have been to hand relief parlours once or twice and decided for the price I might as well go to a FSE and pay for half an hour.

    Just my 2c.
  28. yase114

    yase114 Guest

    Interesting results. Only used an HR so far.
  29. Stubbies

    Stubbies Silver Member

    I’ve been jumping in and out of the WA ‘scene’ for over 20 years, after moving here from Victoria, (where the 1st ex-wife decided to go back to 2 weeks after getting here).

    First working girl experience was at Casey’s in East Perth. Back then it was a quite classy establishment, attractive women and even menus to pick what delights you wanted from the lovely holding the menu for you. Kept going back between relationships for a couple of years, when almost overnight the quality of service dropped right off.

    I tried out some of the other “houses” in Northbridge and was less than impressed, and so tried out the escort scene; wow…

    It was just a matter of picking between the established escort services, usually fast polite receptionists, after a while they would recognize the name and know what girl, or type of girl you wanted and recommend someone.
    Gave the private scene a try during the early 90’s; there were a couple of real stunners working in Subiaco from the same townhouse, young beautiful and enjoyed the work. They eventually moved on, so had to get my jollies somewhere else.

    Then found the escort service of my erotic dreams, who provided beautiful young women to fulfill my every fantasy; I don’t remember the name of the service but it was run from a former madams home in City Beach, to whom I would chat to whilst waiting for the young woman to arrive. Several of the young women were truly spectacular of looks and performance. I got quite attached to 1 young woman which of course came to nothing, but was incredibly enjoyable getting there…

    Back into the “scene” after about 8 years out; nothing remains the same, have been disappointed by the indifferent service provided by both House and escort services. As noted earlier, you ask for a woman in a particular age range, and the woman who arrives is 10 years older than said range, or/ plus she looks absolutely nothing like the internet site pictures.

    I have of late been out with some of the private ladies who charge at the upper end of the scale, and have found two of them to be everything that they advertise, with another two being less than average. The downside is instead of jollies 2-3 times a week, it’s once or twice ‘cause they cost more than an ex- wife…
  30. PMA62

    PMA62 Guest

    Has anyone used a brothel as a form of sex therapy or sex education ?
    To improve your skills ??
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