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Hi To All Our Newbies . Please Read :)

Discussion in 'ADMIN NEWS: TIPS: SHORTCUTS: HELP' started by Tania, Mar 12, 2019.

  1. Tania

    Tania Administrator And Safe Sex Advocate Staff Member Moderator

    It's awesome to see so many newbies joining on the Forum. At present we are seeing 50 to 100 new members a week.

    Welcome to you all.

    Some of you have jumped in and started posting straight a way. Some are just sitting back and watching. That's fine. The more you interact though the more fun the Forum is.

    Also AVATARS. Thats the little box which "should" have a picture in it :) Please add a picture that suits you, shows your interests, quirks or fetish rather than being a name without a face.

    Again welcome to you all, great to have you all on board, I look forward to your interactions and to seeing your creative avatars :)

    Bepp if you have nothing nice to say please stay silent :p
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  2. Obbie

    Obbie Legend Member

    And you think bepp can stay quiet Tania :D
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  3. Snowy

    Snowy Gold Member

    Tania imagine if all members posted something once a week, what a Forum would it be then. We would be flat out reading all of the posts, trying to keep up would be difficult but a lot of fun.
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  4. Hapo

    Hapo Bronze Member

    Thanks Tania
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