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condoms are the wrong size ?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat,Gossip & Humor Forum' started by Summer fun, Oct 14, 2017.

  1. Summer fun

    Summer fun Gold Member

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  2. Joe Ozzie

    Joe Ozzie Gold Member

    Not big enough?
  3. naughty thoughts

    naughty thoughts Former Administrator Moderator

    They're so stretchy that it's kind of hard to lock down sizes. With guys clothing, at least sizes are normally given in a specific measurement, like "fits 80cm" or some such.

    Don't get me started on women's size variations.... :O
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  4. Happy2

    Happy2 Legend Member

    What we need is condom in a can
    Spray on at peak pre-entry excitement
    Perfect fit every time
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  5. Aluicus

    Aluicus Silver Member

    If they can invent a condom that is loose on fit but has the properties like shrink wrap, that it starts to shrink with heat and become a tight fit. That'll corner the sex market.
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